consequence, everyone

This track demands a bit more consistency from itself. Calm and relaxed, but also hectic and lively at the same time. A tiny electric guitar vies for a place in the front row while relaxed basslines meet wriggling synths that threaten to drown in reverb in between. our first release wants to show the bandwidth of what geeks & clerks is all about:

You can also download the track for free here in mp3-format or in various formats on bandcamp.

the geek moment in this track is the melting piano solwly beginning to stutter, which heralds the change of the restrained song into a dance track:

the video

the time lapse of a blooming flower triggers a still image of wilting leaves shimmering in colorful hues, while dreary at the same time. the quiet passages are clear and undistorted, while in the loud passages the colors drift.

below you can see a part of the image used in the video:

still image of withering leaves shimmering in bright colors


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music and video can be freely used for private purposes. For any kind of commercial use a written permission is necessary. © 2022 by geeks&clerks

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